About Countryman John


Born in the heart of the beautiful English Lake District, our bespoke tiles and blinds featuring scenes from our beautiful countryside and the animals that inhabit it,our products are in demand all over the world because of our unique system which allows you the scope of your own combination of motifs.


All our Blinds are individually hand printed giving you the flexibility to design your own scene within the realms of the pictures available.


Our blinds are printed in a choice of colours on a special linen fabric coated with a PVA solution which makes them perfectly suitable for both bathrooms and kitchens.


Our tiles are suitable for all surfaces including behind cookers or Aga type aplliances they are fired at 800 dgrees centigrade by traditional  procedures,we offer 3 basic colours ie White,Ivory and a stone effect we call Damascus Thistle. We are willing to process customers tile but only after we have tested to ascertain there viability.


Every blind is unique individually made to your specification,we only charge for the overall width of the blind you order there is no extra charge for design no matter how many motifs you incorprate on the fabric.


To complement our main products we offer a range of coordinating items ,these include Table Cloths Napkins Melamine Table Mats Aprons and Scarves.


Countryman John has been providing a bespoke service to its customers for over 30 years so we would like to think we can give you an interesting and personal service.


You won’t find these products anywhere else!